Lights . . . Camera . . . Real Estate!

outdoor lighting and home salesLED lighting creates drama and atmosphere, illuminating the best features of your landscape and architecture in a way nothing else can. It enhances home security during the dim hours of dusk and dawn, and provides vibrant illumination after dark. It can also help homeowners fetch a pretty price.

Installing outdoor lighting is a critical element of home staging, but all too often it’s the one deemed “not worth it.” In fact, outdoor illumination can increase property value by up to 10% by improving curb appeal and increasing home security. To make the most of your home sale, utilize your outdoor lighting.

  • Leave the lights on in low light situations, including dusk, dawn, and dreary weather.
  • Advertising your home sale with a bright daytime picture and a carefully chosen nightscape.
  • If you have scant outdoor lighting, install additional lights on the pathway, porch, and in outdoor entertaining areas.
  • Remember most buyers look for new homes during dwindling light after work. If you won’t be home when dusk falls, set your outdoor lighting on a timer.

Just like you, buyers want to know that their kids will be safe waiting for the school bus, that their spouses will arrive home safely after dark, and that friends and relatives will feel comfortable visiting their home. Good outdoor illumination gives potential buyers a sense of security, no matter where your home is located. It enhances the beauty of the house and landscape, and creates a welcoming atmosphere that influences buyers’ decisions. If you’re ready to sell your home, call Southern Nights Illuminations to book a free outdoor lighting consultation.

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Electrical Contractors Know Best

Thanks to home decor magazines, HOA meetings, and the economic upsweep, outdoor home lighting is growing in popularity again. Landscapers can install LED lights when they plant flowers, general electricians can run wiring for outdoor light fixtures, and homeowners can buy DIY lights at any home improvement store. So why is it important to choose a professional lighting contractor for your outdoor lighting project?

We Have Experience

There are hundreds of semi-professionals in the Atlanta area who will install cheap outdoor lighting. Landscapers, irrigators, and lawn maintenance professionals see the need for outdoor lights and use it to earn added revenue. These companies – often professionals in their own fields – have little knowledge or experience in the outdoor lighting industry. Homeowners who allow landscaping experts to illuminate their grounds and gardens may find the result unsatisfactory at best, or dangerous at worst. Southern Nights Illuminations has 20 years of experience in the outdoor lighting industry. We know which fixtures to install, what bulbs to choose, and how to position each fixture to give homeowners the best outdoor lighting the South has to offer.

We Have Knowledge

southern nights illuminations crewUnlike less specialized lighting companies, our lighting experts are constantly improving our knowledge of outdoor lighting. In addition to our unmatched training in landscape lighting, security lighting, and LED lighting, our electricians have a strong foundational knowledge of site work, electrical codes, and how to install lighting that will grow with the landscape. Our leadership team is constantly researching the latest lighting innovations and energy-saving lighting techniques. That means our customers are always getting the best advice, the most efficient fixtures, and the most balanced aesthetics in their outdoor lighting designs.

We Have Vision

The professionals at Southern Nights Illuminations aren’t just electricians, we’re designers. We can’t tell you how many time we’ve driven the streets of Florida, Georgia, or Alabama to see trees with lit trunks and dark canopies. When our lighting designers draw a landscape lighting blueprint, they take into consideration longevity, style, efficiency, and the projected growth of natural elements in the yard. By taking into account design elements, we can choose and place LED lights with the correct build, size, and color temperature to illuminate your home to full effect.

Want to learn more about the knowledge, experience, and skill of the outdoor lighting designers at Southern Nights Illuminations? Call us today to schedule a free landscape lighting consultation.


Light Up the Holiday Weekend

Holiday lighting isn’t all colorful Christmas lights and well-timed light shows. Outdoor lighting can illuminate the pitfalls of Southern yards, add to the ambience of an evening get-together, show off the beauty of your home, and create a welcoming atmosphere for party guests. Don’t let the Labor Day fun stop after dark. Get your party hats ready: it’s time to light up the night sky.

Easy Entertaining

When we design an outdoor lighting project, we consider so much more than simple illumination. We carefully measure hardscapes, predict the growth of vegetation, and consider the styles and colors in each yard. We choose the color temperature, angle of illumination, fixture type, and bulb that will most artfully display each home’s unique features. That means a warm, welcoming atmosphere and a subtle, elegant aesthetic, whether you’re entertaining that night or not! Welcome guests to your home with bright landscape lighting.

Safe Swimming

outdoor living - landscape lightingIt’s still warm after dark, so why should the party stop? Usually it’s because homeowners don’t want to risk their friends, guests, and kids injuring themselves in the dark. With bright outdoor illumination homeowners can keep the party after dark. Landscape lighting can illuminate pools for night swimming and brighten pathways that could become tripping hazards. With daylight mimicking outdoor lighting, the party only stops when the fun winds down.

Stress-Free Vacationing

If you live near Atlanta, you may worry about leaving your home for the long weekend. Good outdoor lighting improves home security, eliminating shadows where criminals could hide. Put your landscape lighting on a timer to give the appearance that you’re still in town, or ask a trusted neighbor to switch on the porch light each night. You’ll return from a fun holiday weekend without worrying what you might find at home.

Planning a neighborhood party, a family get-together, or a holiday road trip? Make sure your party shines this Labor Day with quality landscape lighting from Southern Nights Illuminations.

Why Install Outdoor Lighting?

Outdoor lighting can change the entire aesthetic of a home, revealing its beauty and obscuring its flaws. Once an afterthought or an unnecessary expense, more and more homeowners, architects, and designers are touting the benefits of installing outdoor lighting. So why is outdoor lighting so effective?

It Creates an Aesthetic

artistic landscape lightingArchitecture and landscape lighting have the unique ability to obscure, update, or illuminate home exteriors. An experienced outdoor lighting designer will consider the homeowner’s desired aesthetics, the design and projected growth of the landscape, and the color and quality of light when drawing up lighting blueprints. Most outdoor lighting is artfully hidden, revealing the subtle grace of the landscape and the focal points of the home without showcasing the light bulb or fixture. Other lighting can be incorporated into the home design, utilizing decorative fixtures to add both light and style to an outdoor living space.

It Builds Community

Outdoor lighting creates ambiance, making outdoor entertaining areas feel safe, warm, and welcoming. Having a well-lit outdoor area opens up the hours after dark so homeowners can spend time with their families, entertain friends and neighbors, and enjoy the amenities of their homes. The mood created with outdoor lighting can vary depending on the size, position, and color of each light fixture and LED bulb.

It Provides Safety

LED outdoor lighting doesn’t just create a sense of security, it tangibly reduces criminal activity around homes. Professionally installed outdoor lighting mimics daylight, creating clean, expansive light without the harsh shadows of self-installed lighting or security floodlights. Well lit landscapes increase both the practical safety and the security of homeowners and their loved ones.

Call Southern Nights Illuminations to schedule a free outdoor lighting consultation.

Transitioning to Low Energy Lighting

At Southern Nights Illuminations, we see a lot of wasted potential with outdoor lighting. We watch poorly chosen, placed, and wired light fixtures falter and fail. We see landscape lighting designed for simplicity instead of elegance and light purity. We see overheated, energy wasting high-intensity discharge lamps (HIDs) instead of energy-efficient LED bulbs. But as much as we hate to see dim, energy-eating outdoor lighting, we have good news: Southern Nights Illuminations can fix it.

Retrofitting HID Systems

If you have HID outdoor lighting installed, there’s no need to waste the entire system. We train our electrical technicians to quickly and safely adapt HID lighting for LED use. HID bulbs produce too much heat and not enough light. Many of the outdoor HID lighting designs we see create bright patches and deep shadows, reducing security for homes and businesses. They are also more prone to malfunction than LED lighting, increasing maintenance costs. Southern Nights Illuminations will study your HID system and retrofit it for LED lighting, removing the need to install a new lighting system. Our experienced outdoor lighting contractors supplement poorly designed lighting with new fixtures, better lighting techniques, and crisp, white LED light bulbs. By retrofitting your existing lighting system, we can lower your costs and reduce the time of installation, giving you quality outdoor illumination without the frustrations of replacing a bad lighting system.

Choose Smart Lighting

durable outdoor light bulbsWhether you’re lighting up your home, your office building, or a company warehouse sprawled over acres of land, there’s no reason to be shortsighted. HID lights may save a fraction short term, but in the long run, LED lighting reduces energy consumption, lasts years longer than HID or halogen bulbs, and all but negates the need for maintenance. LED lighting:

  • Puts off less heat
  • Withstands weathering by the elements
  • Uses less electricity
  • Lasts years longer than HID or halogen bulbs
  • Operates independently – there’s no “lights out” when one section of the system fails

Want to know more about upgrading an HID lighting system to LED? Call Southern Nights Illuminations for a free outdoor lighting consultation.

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3 Ways to Increase Curb Appeal

If you’re trying to sell your home, you’re probably overwhelmed with indoor staging, painting, and cleaning. Many homeowners who are looking to sell get stuck indoors and forget to spruce up their outdoor spaces. Increase your curb appeal (and home market value) with these 3 simple outdoor updates for your home.

3 Ways to Increase Curb Appeal

  1. curb appeal for home saleLandscaping. Whether you have an expansive, sprawling landscape of perfectly trimmed hedges, or you prefer a simple window box of flowers, a well tended landscape entices home buyers. Many people will pay more for real estate with established, healthy plants, even if the flower beds are on the simple side. Add a few bright blooms along paths, by porches, and beneath the mailbox to increase home curb appeal.
  2. Lawn Care. It’s easy to forget what lays beneath our feet, but a flourishing yard is one easy way to increase home appeal. Lush, green grass is welcoming and homey, reminding potential buyers that buying a new house is about more than finding the right number of rooms and bathrooms. People looking for Southern real estate want a safe place to play with their kids, exercise their pets, and entertain outdoors. Before putting your home on the market, fill in dry patches with fresh seed or lay sod in the front yard.
  3. Outdoor Lighting. Outdoor lighting displays your home to full effect. With expert placement of daylight-mimicking LED lighting, a landscape lighting professional can illuminate unique architectural features, highlight gardens and pathways, and increase home security. Professional landscape lighting increases curb appeal, bringing new buyers and raising the value of your real estate.

For a fast, professional lighting installation in the southeast, call Southern Nights Illuminations.

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Outdoor Sports Lighting

So much goes into creating a safe outdoor playing space. Field managers have to consider the durability of different turfgrasses, how uneven ground could cause player injury, and the playability of sports fields. They have to think about the players, the fans, and the coaches. Whether you’re planning a professional sports stadium or a recreational field for Parks and Recs use, getting the details right keeps players safe, focused, and happy. So why skimp on the most important detail for sports after dark?

Outdoor Lighting for Sporting Fields

Braves' Game Sports LightingField lighting is a must-have for games after dark, but it’s important for dusk and early morning games as well. Outdoor lighting illuminates sports fields, creating a safe, even playing space. Self-installed floodlights can create harsh shadows, hide hidden divots or dips, and decrease the level of competition. Quality LED lighting mimics daylight, creating uniform lighting across the field. By chasing away shadows and revealing uneven ground, sports lights help prevent mishap and player injury. Sports field lighting increases competition by eliminating the distraction caused by shifting light and shadows. Precise, custom lighting provides uniform visibility across the field, allowing players to see farther and react faster to game-changing plays. Artfully designed outdoor lighting also gives the audience better visibility, so they can see the best plays as they happen, whether they’re watching their child’s first soccer game or the Braves making a winning catch.

Don’t interrupt the game when dusk falls on the field. Level the playing field with custom LED sports lighting. Call Southern Nights Illuminations today.

Brighten Up Your Home’s Unique Spaces

When homeowners hire outdoor lighting contractors, their focal points are usually the exterior of the house, the garden and landscape, and potentially dangerous areas around pathways where guests could trip and fall. While each of these are key aspects of outdoor lighting, there’s more to creating an outdoor oasis than home security and illuminating beautiful flowers. If you want your real estate to make a statement, consider architectural and specialty lighting for Atlanta homes.

Architectural Lighting for the Home

It’s no surprise that Americans take pride in their landscapes. When we have beautiful yards, it’s because we spend seasons designing, planting, and tending our outdoor spaces. Gardens are both elegant and adaptable. When we accentuate the transient beauty of nature, we decorate our homes with an ever-changing visual masterpiece. But the solid structures of your home can add just as much curb appeal. Home facades with intricate detail and unique architectural structures often fall into shadow when lighting designers focus too heavily on the landscape. However, when your electrical contractor enhances your home’s features, your house can come alive after dark. Architectural lighting softens edges that look sharp after dark, defines focal points with carefully placed task lighting, and adds depth and contrast between the home’s exterior and the landscape. Make your home facade shine day or night with professional architectural lighting.

Illuminating Manmade Structures

landscape lightingManmade structures can provide a variety of artistic functions for your home masterpiece. They can create places of visual rest with simple elegance and clean lines. They can accentuate the landscape by contrasting rough-hewn retaining walls with wild, blooming plant life. They can even become a focal point in their own right, drawing the eye with tasteful designs and beautifully enhanced functionality. The hardscape elements of the home can create just as much beauty as the softer landscape elements. Emphasize the structures that add dimension to your home by installing soft, daylight-mimicking fixtures beneath outdoor stone benches, illuminating arbors and garden gazebos, and creating an interplay of light with the cascading water of home fountains.

Create depth and definition with architectural outdoor lighting. Call Southern Nights Illuminations to schedule a free architectural lighting consultation.


Our Best Lighting Blogs

Not sure where to start on your next outdoor lighting project? Our most popular lighting blogs will take you through the process of designing custom outdoor lighting. Learn about Southern Nights Illuminations, what makes our outdoor lighting unique, and how LED lighting can improve your home or business.

Our 5 Best Lighting Blogs (and Why)

southern nights illuminations logoThe Facts About LED Lighting: Most people know that LED lighting conserves energy, but not everyone knows the myriad other benefits of outdoor LED lights. Learn why you should consider LEDs for your outdoor lighting project.

Elegant Home Security Lighting: Security lighting doesn’t have to be harsh and bright – in fact, floodlights are proven to increase security risks. Learn how Southern Nights Illuminations marries beauty with functionality in our home security lighting designs.

Security Lighting for Apartment Complexes: Apartment complexes are home to hundreds of residents, but many apartments have dim, scattered outdoor lighting. LED outdoor lighting improves security in apartment buildings, makes tenants feel at home in community spaces, and highlights the beauty of landscapes and architecture. Make your renters feel safe coming home at night with professional outdoor security lighting.

Troubleshooting Your Outdoor Lighting: Quality outdoor lighting rarely malfunctions, but if something goes wrong, you don’t need to replace the entire system. Learn to troubleshoot simple outdoor lighting problems without calling the professionals.

Shedding the Light on Moonlight: Outdoor lighting isn’t just about increasing home security and reducing the risk of nighttime injuries. At Southern Nights Illuminations we take pride in creating individual lighting masterpieces based on the needs and aesthetics of each customer. Our lighting mimics natural light using techniques like uplighting, downlighting, and “moonlighting” to give homeowners subtle, elegant landscape illumination.

Have a question about creating a quality outdoor lighting design? Call Southern Nights Illuminations.

Lighting as Unique as Your Landscape

Your landscape has its own unique characteristics, so why should you settle for uniform outdoor lighting? The lighting designers at Southern Nights Illuminations have the skills necessary to build personalized outdoor lighting masterpieces for your home or business. Make your nighttime landscape come alive with elegant, efficient LED landscape lighting.

Lighting Depth

custom landscape illuminationMany inexperienced electrical contractors believe that installing outdoor lighting is simply a matter of illuminating walkways and brightening dark corners. But each landscape has its own depth, color, and personality for outdoor lighting to enhance, not diminish. When you call Southern Nights Illuminations we’ll send a lighting technician to walk your grounds, taking into account not only your preferred lighting design, but also the slope of the landscape, the ideal color temperature for LED light bulbs, and the depth of garden plants and trees. When we create your landscape lighting, you’re guaranteed:

  • Lights that emphasize the unique architectural and landscape features of your home
  • A color temperature that brightens and softly enhances your landscape
  • Soft, blanket illumination for your yard and specific task lighting to illuminate your home’s key features
  • Lighting for hardscapes, landscapes, and architectural features as discussed in your lighting consultation
  • Illumination that works with the natural slope and growth of your yard
  • Multipurpose lighting crafted and installed for both beauty and functionality

Practical Lighting Considerations

Landscape lighting isn’t just installed to create an elegant, welcoming home nightscapes. Our lighting technicians will install lights that improve the aesthetics of your home while providing solutions for home safety, security, and energy-efficiency. We carefully place each feature to brighten the landscape, provide visibility after dark, and deter trespassers by mimicking natural daylight. We also consider the growth of trees and bushes, potential landscaping developments, the ease of lighting maintenance, and how to decrease energy use for your landscape lighting.

Call Southern Nights Illuminations to schedule a free custom landscape lighting evaluation.