Planning a Holiday Masterpiece

globe christmas lightsIt’s hard to believe that fall is already here. It seems like just yesterday we were diving into summer, and now the season for cool nights and pumpkin spice lattes has arrived.

Believe it or not, winter will arrive just as swiftly, leaving families scrambling to find a Christmas tree, hang holiday decorations, and buy presents for the people they love. Cross one item off your holiday to-do list by designing your Christmas lighting blueprint before winter arrives.

3 Decisions to Make about Christmas Lights Right Now

  1. DIY or Professional. Christmas lights are one project many homeowners, HOA reps, and business managers try to tackle for themselves. But just because you can hang your own holiday lights doesn’t mean it’s the most efficient option. DIY Christmas lighting seems like a straightforward process, but it often ends up wasting time and energy better spent on other holiday tasks. When you book a custom Christmas light design from Southern Nights Illuminations, you’re guaranteeing a timely installation of Christmas lights, safety and convenience, and a unique holiday display tailored to your personal tastes.

  2. Energy-Efficiency. Due to the growing popularity of energy-efficient lighting and the steadily decreasing cost of production, LED Christmas lights are cheaper than ever. Many hardware stores are so sold on these holiday light displays that, in past years, they’ve offered a free upgrade to anyone willing to trade in their old Christmas lights. Southern Nights Illuminations prefers to LED lighting for outdoor projects because its eco-friendly, cost-efficient, and lasts roughly 15 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

  3. Design. Not all Christmas lights are created equal. As you contemplate which holiday lights would best suit your home, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Get started with:

  • Traditional Christmas lights on the eves of the house
  • String lights wrapped around trees and shrubs
  • White lights, twinkle lights, or colored lights
  • Christmas lights lining fences, accentuating garlands, and emphasizing wreaths
  • Rooftop holiday lighting
  • Globe lights hung from branches and beams
  • Timed Christmas lighting displays
  • An outdoor Christmas tree bedecked in bright lights

Do you want safe, elegant Christmas lighting for your home or business without the hassle of untangling lights, balancing on ladders, and hunting for that one loose bulb? Call Southern Nights Illuminations to design a festive, professional Christmas light display for the upcoming holiday season.

photo from flickr