Street Lighting

Roadway Lighting

Street Lighting for Safety & Aesthetics

The right street lighting is absolutely vital to ensure safe, attractive roadways. Street lighting needs a uniform glow that will protect pedestrians as well as drivers. You’ll want luminaires that will enhance the appearance of your streets in a subtle but beautiful way. For nearly two decades, Southern Nights Illuminations has provided expert outdoor lighting solutions for streets and roadways.

We work closely with engineers and architects to add distinctive lighting fixtures at entryways, along roadways, and anywhere that visibility is important to create safety of movement. We understand the details of providing safe and easy night access, and we can install almost any type of street lighting. We consider all the angles – literally. We determine where lighting will be most effective, we figure out what quality of light is best, and we look at issues of excessive light and shadowing.

Energy efficient street lighting is one area where technical and design experience are not optional because danger to people and property must be minimized. We provide the right kind of expertise for the job. On top of that, we know that street lighting, being often installed on high-trafficked areas, should blend into its environment in a pleasing way. Street lighting should be distinctive, but not distracting.

Energy Efficient LED Street Lighting

Street lighting should also be cost-effective and reliable. That’s why we offer many choices, including LED street lighting solutions, which are ideal for street lighting designs because of the level of light offered. LED street lights can help create safer pathways, roadways, and entry areas because they are so cost-effective and energy-efficient. They create less light pollution and they’re more reliable. Their shock- and vibration-resistant qualities make them a practical choice for any safety-optimized outdoor lighting system involving moving vehicles and people.

Southern Nights Illuminations stands ready to fulfill your outdoor street lighting needs for any property or community, and we warrant our products and workmanship for one year.