Tennis Court Lighting

Outdoor Tennis Court Lighting

Tennis Court Lighting for Night Time Volleying

With custom outdoor tennis court lighting from Southern Nights Illuminations, you can toe the service line in the ultimate night time environment. Tennis courts unique lighting needs, and supplying lighting design for a tennis court can be highly technical. We understand how to make the playing experience as enjoyable as possible, and our sports lighting experts can solve any demands your project might meet.

A well-lit court will let you see and follow the ball consistently no matter where it is in the space. The right tennis court lighting system includes precision optics and a thoughtfully-considered quality of light to maximize light levels and reduce glare, sky glow and light spillage. It also provides good contrast levels so that objects can be seen against the environment, and must feature even distribution of light across the playing surface. You should always be able to see the ball, no matter where it is or what its speed.

In fact, tennis court lighting requires specialist knowledge; engineering requirements, government guidelines, and the rules of government sports bodies all may need to be taken into account depending on the level of play expected at your sports facility. You may have to factor in the effects of camera use on lighting levels as well, if television cameras are anticipated.

High Performance Tennis Court Lighting Systems

Southern Nights Illuminations can offer energy efficient, high-performance LED tennis court lighting that makes for the ultimate outdoor court environment for players and spectators. Our team of outdoor lighting experts work to accommodate different court designs, maximize play, and create visual comfort for spectators.

In addition, our attractive designs help make any sports facility, country club, or park more visually appealing. We also offer plenty of technical support to make sure you’re comfortable with your new, advanced lighting system.

For more information on Southern Nights Illuminations or our tennis court lighting design systems, feel free to reach out to us by using the contact form at the right.