Football Field Lights

Football Field Lighting

Football Field Lighting to Illuminate Kickoff

Touchdown! We all know how important football games are to the spirit and life of an American community. We at Southern Nights Illuminations can help your school or park create an exceptional atmosphere with professional football field lights for any level.

The best sports lighting is unobtrusive, yet provides the best in clarity and visibility without glare. For football games, our football field lighting aims to enhance player performance and make sure the ball is always viewable, no matter where it is or how fast it’s going. When we design a custom football lights plan, we don’t want glare, we don’t want shadows, and we remember the needs of the neighborhood around the field as well.

For this, we consider proper orientation and location. We look how much light you need, we think about safety, and take conditions such as weather and impact into account.

Standard & LED Football Field Lights Built to Last

Our lighting system designs make it possible for you to more flexibly schedule games and practices, improve fan experience, and have easy access for maintenance. We also look at local governmental guidelines, the requirements of the media, and the rules of governing organizations such as football leagues.

Our lighting systems are designed with your needs in mind, and customized to your specifications. This is the best way to get as standard or LED football field lighting system that fits the needs of your school or park, and get quality light systems that are durable, dependable, and effective.

If you need state-of-the-art lighting for your football field that keeps both athletes and fans in mind, come to Southern Nights Illuminations.