Outdoor Basketball Court Lighting

Outdoor Basketball Court Lighting

Basketball Court Lights Let You Play into the Night

From pickup games to outdoor tournaments, Southern Nights Illuminations can skillfully engineer outdoor basketball court lighting for parks, sports facility, or recreational centers to make viewing easy for players and spectators well past twilight.

At Southern Nights Illuminations, we understand that outdoor basketball courts require bright, even lighting that lets players see the lines and reduces glare and shadow. LED outdoor basketball court lighting also provides security and safety for the surrounding neighborhood community concerns.

Expert Outdoor Basketball Court Lighting

Having professional outdoor lighting designers with technical expertise for outdoor sports lighting will ensure the ideal playing environment for tip-off at any time of night.

Southern Nights Illuminations can create a lighting system that’s simple for individuals and families, or one that’s more elaborate so that parks, sports facilities, and clubs can enjoy the game. We’ll make it possible for professionals, amateurs, kids and adults to play safely with effective, low-maintenance, quality outdoor basketball lights that brings out the best in both players and fans.