Baseball Field Lighting

Baseball Lights: Baseball Field Lighting Solutions

Baseball Field Lights for Every League & Level

For dependable baseball field lighting that will let your team play long past sundown, look to the outdoor lighting experts at Southern Nights Illuminations.

As with other sports, baseball field lighting requires a certain level of engineering expertise. It’s critical for players and spectators to see the ball at all times, whether at the little league level, a high school level, or for recreational adult leagues, and we know how just how to make sure your baseball experience is perfectly lit.

To properly illuminate a baseball or softball field multiple light sources coming from all directions work in tandem to light the entire playing field. Baseball field lights require strategic placement and aiming of light poles to reduce shadows on the field that keeps players safe and enhances the fan experience.

Baseball Lights: Scientific Placement, Superior Durability

Location is everything when it comes to lighting a sports field, and so is high-contrast lighting. We look at beam spread, overlapping, height, efficiency, uniformity, intensity, and the rulebook requirements needed for the level of play – little league, high school, college, professional. We want to ensure that players feel they’re playing in the ideal environment when they step out onto a field lit by Southern Nights Illuminations.

We also think about durability, reliability, weathering, and ease of maintenance. We make it possible for any organization or sports facility to customize its field to fit the budget. If you’re looking for high-performance lighting on your baseball field that looks great, has multiple athletic uses, and is easy to care for, call Southern Nights Illuminations or fill out the form at the right for help.