Outdoor Sports Lighting

Outdoor Sports Field Lighting

Play Into the Night With Outdoor Sports Field Lighting

Why should competition stop when the sun goes down? Excellent sports facilities need expert lighting. Southern Nights Illuminations and our outdoor sports lighting can provide the perfect setting for serious games or recreational exercise. Players will experience ideal visibility for maximum athletic endeavor or just a relaxing good time without the need to interrupt the game.

Precise sports lighting design and placement eliminates unwanted shadows, maintaining uniformity throughout. Southern Nights Illuminations’ state-of-the-art lighting provides high visibility for every level of sports activity. Well designed/specified outdoor sports lighting creates aesthetic appeal, making nighttime exercise and recreation safe and enjoyable.

Customized Outdoor Sports Lighting Solutions

Southern Nights Illuminations can provide the perfectly-lit setting for any sport. 

This is an area that truly requires expert lighting and design. After all, a good sports facility will feature ideal levels of visibility to bring out maximum performance in its athletes. Our lighting solutions are also conducive to recreational facilities that serve activity-minded people just blowing off steam or getting their exercise in through organized or solo sporting activities.

The right sports field lighting design will eliminate unwanted shadows, maintain a uniform glow, and enhance the overall experience. Southern Nights Illuminations’ state-of-the-art lighting solutions help provide high visibility for every level of activity. Our specially-designed sports lighting also provides aesthetic appeal, making all forms of nighttime exercise safe, enjoyable, and exciting.

Tennis Court Lighting

When you’re playing tennis, you need to be able to see a relatively small ball no matter where it is in the court. We provide expertly-installed tennis lighting systems that maximize your visibility no matter what the sky conditions are.

Baseball Field Lighting

Strategic lighting of baseball fields and softball fields is important because you don’t want players or fans to lose sight of the ball. We consider factors such as glare, multiple light sources and shadow to create the ultimate sports experience.

Football Field Lighting

Our lighting systems help create a great atmosphere for nighttime football games. They’re designed to enhance player performance and audience experience, so that everyone has a good time no matter who wins.

Outdoor Basketball Court Lighting

A fast-paced game like basketball, which brings people together in casual games as well as tournament play, requires a well-engineered basketball court lighting system that can follow a fast pace while optimizing player performance.

Soccer Field Lighting

Soccer continues to grow in popularity, and this sport’s increasing high-profile deserves a fine lighting system that shows fans that they’re watching the sport in world-class venue that takes players and fans seriously.

LED Sports Lighting

Southern Nights Illuminations can also provide energy efficient LED Sports lighting solutions perfect for any outdoor athletic fields. If you’re looking for a more energy-efficient, longer-lasting, green design that provides a crisp quality of light for excellent visibility, LED sports lighting is an ideal option. LEDs can help save money their low voltage, they create less light pollution, and they’re shock- and vibration-resistant – all important considerations for sports fields of all kinds.