Outdoor Security Lighting

Outdoor Security Lighting

Practical, Beautiful Outdoor Security Lighting

Who would have thought that something this beautiful could be so practical? Our outdoor lighting designs represent this perfect marriage between form and function. It is not only spectacular, but also provides a much desired and sought after element of security.

Value of Residential Exterior Security Lighting

In residential settings, security lighting adds peace of mind and enhanced property values. Resorts will appreciate client confidence as they enjoy the full extent of all amenities, regardless of time. Security lighting over parking lots, store surroundings and ATMs give employers and consumers confidence in shopping during evening hours.

Southern Nights Illuminations incorporates safety and security in outdoor lighting designs throughout the entire Southeast. We perform these tasks with aesthetics in mind. General illumination means sound coverage to all areas identified.

Exterior Security Lighting provides lighting for specific elements of your architecture – decks & patios, awnings, corridors, sidewalks and pathways. Task lighting assures you that your drive through, ATM, driveways and ornamental elements are distinguished and illuminated for security.

Full Service Security Lighting Design & Installation

At Southern Nights Illuminations, we’ve been providing full service solutions for outdoor security lighting for nearly two decades.  Among the services we can offer you include:

  • New design, CAD, engineering services
  • Complete turnkey installation for your security lighting project from design to night set
  • 30, 60, and 90 day service inspections minimizing liability and ensuring appropriate light levels
  • On-call time, materials and emergency services

High Efficiency LED Security Lighting

In addition to our standard offerings, we also specialize in creating LED security lighting solutions that can upgrade your property’s security to the next level. LED security lights can offer better visibility and directional focus in all temperatures. Their durability and resistance to breakage, along with low maintenance needs, make them a consciously desirable choice for areas that need extra coverage. With the help of LEDs, Southern Nights Illuminations can help you create a security lighting design that’s state-of-the-art, totally efficient, and simply beautiful.