Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Professional Landscape Lighting Solutions

In the sweet twilight evenings, your property becomes a spectacular sight once you have a landscape lighting system designed by Southern Nights Illuminations. We know how to bring out the seemingly effortless charm you’ve actually worked so hard to cultivate.

We can make your grounds as glorious at night as they appear during the day – more so, even, with the warmth and atmosphere that our outdoor landscape lighting can provide. We can make it possible to showcase the best attributes of your home, your plantings, and your land and water features.

Our landscape lighting designers utilize special fixtures among trees, foliage, wooded paths, and gardens that bring out your landscape’s natural radiance with dramatic effects. We also utilize energy-efficient LED landscape lighting systems that emphasize economy and minimize maintenance.

Our well-conceived lighting specifications are designed to grow with trees as they mature, becoming natural accompaniments to your exceptional landscape elements. You an see our concern for the environment and our client’s prospects in everything we do.

We offer specific landscape lighting solutions for the following:

Outdoor Pool Lighting

From pathways to underwater lighting systems, we can help you create a luxurious poolside atmosphere that’s safe for every member of your family.

Pathway/Driveway Lighting

We create distinctive lighting for parkways, pathways and driveways, and streets that keep you safe and offer visual appeal.

Outdoor Garden Lighting

You’ve put a lot of work into your garden, and you can show it off every more dramatically at night, opening up new and exciting aesthetic possibilities with outdoor garden lighting.

Deck/Patio Lighting

You spent most of your backyard time on your deck or patio, so it needs to feel like an extension of your indoor living space and an oasis in the outdoors.

LED Landscape Lighting

We also offer LED landscape lighting solutions that not only provide more options for creating exciting effects to perfectly light your personal panorama, but are more energy-efficient, longer-lasting, and better for the environment. Choose LED lighting, and you’ll get better control and gorgeous colors with a sharply-defined low voltage landscape lighting system.

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At Southern Nights Illuminations, we have been providing outdoor landscape lighting in major metro areas across the Southeast for nearly 20 years.

Interested in getting a customized outdoor landscape lighting design done for your property? Contact us today to learn more!