Architectural Lighting

Outdoor Architectural Area Lighting

Outdoor Architectural Area Lighting Solutions

Exciting architectural features that dazzle in daylight may disappear after dark. An outdoor architectural lighting plan by Southern Nights Illuminations, creates subtle illumination, using darkness to frame a structure, enhancing its most striking architectural features.

Southern Nights Illuminations creatively blends various architectural lighting techniques to create contrast, depth, dimension and definition between architecture and landscaping.

We can design outdoor architectural area lighting with both aesthetics and security in mind. Careful placement of lights makes entry ways inviting and safe. Outdoor Architectural Lighting makes fencing, decorative walls, and main buildings more attractive and secure.

Southern Nights Illuminations architectural lighting designs are compatible with most security systems, instantly lighting an exterior on demand to help keep away and/or identify intruders.

Cost-Efficient LED Architectural Lighting

To most cost-effectively show off the style of your home, we can also provide a solution featuring LED architectural lighting. LED lights can create colorful and atmospheric light effects perfect for any purpose, whether highlighting one remarkable feature or bathing an entire area in a soft glow.

LED Architectural Lighting is an excellent choice for homes and businesses alike because they provide a stable, energy-efficient, and low-maintenance solution. Using LEDs for your property’s outdoor lighting can dramatically reduce your cost to own, while still providing an incredible appearance.