Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Outdoor Lighting Solutions

The Highest Quality Luxury Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Brighten up your life with customized outdoor lighting solutions from Southern Nights Illuminations that meet all your aesthetic and functional needs. We offer the ultimate in beauty and efficiency for every challenge, whether it’s spotlighting the fountain in your garden at night or providing nighttime visibility on a tree-lined jogging path.

When it comes to outdoor lighting, we understand the intricacies of ambiance and the necessity of precision. We can guide you in making brilliant decisions that help protect your family, showcase your beautiful home, up your game, or entertain without effort.

Security Lighting

Our outdoor lighting designs help you gain peace of mind, enhance your property values, and highlight security concerns. We create outdoor area lighting, general illumination, and task lighting that can offer elegance and charm as well as safety.

Architectural Lighting

Your home is your castle, and you’ve put a lot of love into it. Well-designed decorative outdoor lighting can focus the eye on the best exterior and interior elements of any building. We can optimize your property’s features through subtle, skilled lighting effects and make it glow.

Landscape Lighting

If you’re looking for drama by moonlight, natural-looking displays, and ways to magnify the loveliness of your landscape, come to us. Not only can we help you with your outdoor area and landscape lighting needs, we can do it in creative styles that emphasize economy, minimize maintenance, and protect foliage.

Street Lighting

Safety is paramount when it comes to roadway illumination. We collaborate with engineers and architects to create street lighting systems that keep pedestrians and drivers safe. Our outdoor lighting solutions for streets/roadways provide clarity and visibility without adding harshness or vision-obscuring glare.

Sports Lighting

When it comes to illuminating sports fields and courts of all kinds, we know that the focus should be on maximizing player performance and creating visibility for fans. Our expert design conforms to all applicable regulations and builds you a great space to exercise and play.

Southern Nights Illuminations serves the entire Southeastern United States, can supply and install lighting for a multitude of uses both residential and commercial.

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