Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga TN

Outdoor Lighting Chattanooga TN

Experienced Outdoor Lighting in Chattanooga

A sophisticated city in a breathtaking city, Chattanooga is full of history, music, and fun. Southern Nights Illuminations helps keep the brilliant life of the city going with its Chattanooga outdoor lighting systems, designed specifically to location and with resident concerns in mind.

We’re a regional company, which means we have the resources, network and service of a large business combined with expert knowledge and love of all the Southern cities that we serve.

Chattanooga Outdoor Security


Keeping a place lit dependably is vital to its evening culture and livelihood, though lighting is often taken for granted. That’s a good thing; you don’t want lights to be a distraction. They should provide safety while blending into the neighborhood.

We understand this, and we consider form as well as function when it comes to creating effective outdoor security lighting systems in Chattanooga that will keep people out spending money, or home enjoying the comforts of their own personal haven without having to worry about a thing.

Unique Chattanooga Landscape Lighting Solutions

With our expert outdoor landscape lighting solutions, we help showcase Chattanooga homes and properties, imbuing personal vistas with a sense of style. Southern living is more charming when plants, pavements, structures, and businesses are atmospherically lit after dark. We stock a variety of fixture types so that we can accomplish what you envision, and we can guide you through the process from start to finish.

Chattanooga Outdoor Architectural Lighting Experts

Chattanooga and its surrounding suburbs are full of character in its outdoor spaces, and we want to help enhance that. A well-designed outdoor lighting design in Chattanooga from Southern Nights Illuminations can set off architecture in dramatic, effective ways or provide contrast according to your desires. Homes and businesses alike can benefit from our skill at creating, managing, and maintaining lighting systems for every walk of life.

Cost-Efficient Outdoor LED Lighting in Chattanooga

We started this our outdoor lighting company almost two decades ago to provide quality lighting services for a variety of commercial and residential purposes, and we’re now proud to be bringing outdoor LEDs to the citizens of Chattanooga.

They cost a little more at the outset, but we recommend them because they are so flexible in terms of design. They’re environmentally-friendly and cost-effective to boot. Look to us to find out about quality outdoor lighting in Chattanooga, and how LEDs can work for you.