Outdoor Lighting Charleston SC

Outdoor Lighting Charleston SC

Experienced Outdoor Lighting Charleston, SC

Taking advantage of the sights and sounds of Charleston is not something you want to limit to daylight hours. That’s why quality outdoor lighting in Charleston is so important. Southern Nights Illuminations, a regional company with nearly 2 decades of dedicated experience, knows the idiosyncrasies of lighting this exciting town. We can help you add brilliance to your lawn, home, business, or athletic field.

Charleston Exterior Security Lighting Solutions

Safety is one of the most important considerations in a city hoping to attract visitors, commerce, and new citizens. Our security lighting designs can create an environment that’s conducive to travel, recreation, security, and better performance no matter the time of day. Not only that, we can make sure the outdoor security lighting system conform to the feel of the neighborhood, and that they improve the appearance of any location.

Custom Landscape Lighting in Charleston SC

It’s easy to find stunning landscapes in this area, because they’re everywhere. Charleston is a beautiful place, and its homes and businesses deserve the very best in exterior lighting technology to showcase that beauty. From tropical plantings to outdoor living spaces, we can shine a light on the many features that make your property safer, more livable, and truly special. We do this with careful attention to your practical needs, giving you the best of all worlds.

Architectural Outdoor Lighting Experts

Highlight the Southern charm of your home’s architecture with a well-engineered architectural lighting system that is customized just for you. We’ll add security elements, adjust the quality of light, train a beam on gazebos and sculptures, and generally make your home’s distinctive features even more so. This is one area where we focus on artistry, but without losing sight of practical issues such as maintenance and cost of your Charleston outdoor lighting system.

Cost Effective Outdoor LED Lighting in Charleston

If you’ve never considered the advantages of switching away from traditional outdoor lighting, we can open your mind. We recommend exterior LED lights because they are weather-resistant, environmentally-friendly, and cost-effective. They cause less light pollution and create inventive design possibilities. Whether you choose LEDs or not, we utilize a collaborative process so you are informed and involved every step of the way in designing and installing your outdoor lighting in Charleston SC.