Outdoor Lighting Charlotte NC

Outdoor Lighting Charlotte NC

An Experienced Outdoor Lighting  Company in Charlotte

At Southern Nights Illuminations, we match the high energy level of Charlotte with energy of our own. As a company with its roots in the South, we are thrilled to be a partner in growing Charlotte’s cultural, residential, financial, and athletic lives. Our goal is to help you create the highest quality Charlotte outdoor lighting system you need for your residential and commercial properties. In doing so, we also hope to contribute to Charlotte’s economic and creative growth in our own unique way.

Charlotte Exterior Security Lighting Soltions

You want your homes and businesses to be as safe as possible. Southern Nights Illuminations can help your business attract more people to your business once night falls, and help keep your employees safer with a customized outdoor security lighting system. Charlotte has terrific dining and nightlife scenes, and the city and its neighborhoods are dependent on reliable security lighting for public spaces, streets, parks, hotels, and homes. This is where our Charlotte outdoor lighting expertise comes in. We consider cost, attractiveness, and security in all our lighting designs.

Breathtaking Outdoor Landscape Lighting in Charlotte

Charlotte homes and businesses have so much beauty! At Southern Nights Illuminations, our Charlotte landscape lighting experts work with you to make your outdoor landscapes spectacular, from patios to pools and gardens to campuses and athletic facilities. Our outdoor landscape lighting in Charlotte can make your home’s vistas safer and more visible, express your individuality, and show off the best features on your property. We’ll take your financial and maintenance needs into account and find creative ways of getting you more bang for your buck.

Charlotte Outdoor Architectural Lighting Specialists

Engage people with architectural lighting that can turn an ordinary house into your dream home. You might be surprised at the types of effects you can turn on just with a certain quality or color of outdoor architectural lighting. We understand the intricacies of electricity, and we can help you determine just how to get the look and mood you desire, no matter what type of building – commercial or residential – that you’re trying to beautify.

Super Efficient Exterior LED Lighting in Charlotte

We’re big proponents of LEDs for outdoor lighting in Charlotte, because they help modernize a facility and create more lighting design options that work so well in our warm and humid climate. While the initial investment is larger, LED lighting is more cost-efficient, give off an attractive glow that works well for security or decorative functions, and last a long, long time. Charlotte has a reputation for innovation when it comes to the energy sector, and we’re proud to make our own contribution to that heritage with our state-of-the-art exterior lighting solutions.