Outdoor Lighting Asheville NC

Outdoor Lighting Asheville NC

Professional Outdoor Lighting Asheville NC

Asheville is a cool city, fueled by a great dining scene and artistic community and surrounded by miles of amazing mountain vistas. Southern Nights Illuminations is proud to provide custom outdoor lighting in Asheville NC, and designs for commercial and residential ventures that range from sophisticated modern to funky eclectic. We’re part of the life and business of Asheville, and we hope to contribute to its economic and creative growth in our own, skilled way.

Outdoor Security Lighting in Asheville NC

With so much action happening in and around town, Asheville businesses and homes need dependable outdoor security lighting that allows residents and visitors to feel safe being out and about after dark. We consider security issues, financial issues, and aesthetic issues in all our designs and installations. We can help keep your properties operating throughout the night with customized, dependable Asheville outdoor lighting that won’t break your bottom line.

Asheville’s Outdoor Landscape Lighting Leaders

Express your individuality with a custom-engineered landscape lighting design created by us. We regularly work with our clients on making outdoor landscapes – including decks, pools, gardens, pathways, playgrounds, and driveways – more interesting visually as well as more usable for families and guests. We’ll alleviate all your concerns about efficiency and cost in establishing the right Asheville outdoor lighting system for your needs.

Architectural Exterior Lighting in Asheville NC

With our architectural lighting expertise, you can investigate the many effects that are available to you in showcasing your home and garden. We’ll personalize a system for outdoor lighting in Asheville that dazzles your guests, adds romance to the facade of your home, adds color to your water features, and highlights statuary, all while providing extra security for your structures and facilities. We know how important it is for your home to feel safe and luxurious, and we can guide you through the process with our quality service options.

Exterior LED Lighting Solutions in Asheville

Modernize your lighting arrangement with light-emitting diodes; LEDs are more flexible in terms of Asheville outdoor lighting design, more cost-efficient over the long haul, and highly effective for many business and home-based applications. We can take the mystery out of new technology, and create an awe-inspiring design personalized for you.