Outdoor Lighting New Orleans

Outdoor Lighting New Orleans LA

Expert Outdoor Lighting in New Orleans

Southern Nights Illuminations loves installing outdoor lighting in New Orleans! We’re invested in this city, and it shows in the professional outdoor lighting designs we are able to create and install to enhance the homes and businesses of this lively city. Our lighting fixtures aren’t just functional, they’re also inspired by classic and contemporary aesthetics that fit well with your home and community culture.

We have specialized experience in creating easy-to-care-for, durable outdoor lighting systems. We have experience lighting local streets or highlight the unique architecture of your home with equal skill. We work with engineers and conform to local lighting regulations, and we do it while opening up new artistic possibilities for you.

New Orleans Outdoor Lighting Security

New Orleans is a place that’s full of history and excitement that runs late into the night. We aim to help keep the city working and playing long after sunset with efficient, safe security lighting systems that can match local architectural patterns for a seamless look. Our lights add security, lengthen sightseeing and shopping hours, and make it possible for people to enjoy New Orleans amenities all night long.

Custom Landscape Lighting in New Orleans

Landscapes in New Orleans can be ethereal and inspiring, so they deserve the perfect outdoor landscape lighting design. Your property should be appropriately lit to bring out the best prospects on your lawn, in your garden, along walkways, and around your deck and pool areas. We can suggest the right mood, add ambiance, and fill your landscape with soft color.

New Orleans Outdoor Architectural Lighting Experts

Take advantage of our technical expertise. We can design and install the perfect New Orleans outdoor lighting that will make your structures and featured architectural elements glow. We excel in those small details that make such a big difference when it comes to creating drama through shadowing, or highlighting contrasts between your grounds and your buildings, or putting together the exact overall effect you’re looking for in illuminating your property.

Cost Effective LED Lighting

Energy-efficient LED lighting offers an advanced lighting system that’s cost-effective, weather- and shock-resistant, and environmentally friendly – all important considerations for the perfect solution for outdoor lighting in New Orleans. In addition, LEDs offer design advantages that spark a limitless array of traditional and contemporary looks. We can assist in determining if LEDs are the right choice for your New Orleans outdoor lighting project.