Outdoor Lighting Jacksonville FL

Outdoor Lighting Jacksonville FL

Jacksonville’s Outdoor Lighting Specialists

Even the sunniest cities need dependable lighting. Southern Nights Illuminations is here to provide the most attractive and reliable professional outdoor lighting in Jacksonville FL. Our fixtures aren’t just utilitarian in nature; we get inspired by the look at feel of the environment around us. And because we know Jacksonville, we can match its character with classic or modern fixtures that fit perfectly into your residence, neighborhood, or surrounding municipality.

Florida weather is notoriously unpredictable. We get lots of humidity, rainfall, storms and harsh conditions. That’s why outdoor lighting systems in Jacksonville must be durable. But we also get a lot of sunshine, and no snow to speak of, which means we can take advantage of artistic possibilities not available to residents of colder states.

Southern Nights Illuminations can illuminate streets, parking lots and personal landscapes with equal skill, depending on your needs and wants.

Exterior Security Lighting in Jacksonville, FL

Tourism provides one of the area’s biggest economic boosts, which means keeping visitors and residents working and playing late into the night is critical for the Jacksonville economy. Our security-minded outdoor lighting systems help lengthen the hours available for sightseeing, shopping, and enjoying area activities from sports to spas. For JAX locals, it means safer routes home and higher real estate values.

Picturesque Landscape Lighting in Jacksonville

Landscapes and outdoor gardens in Jacksonville hold a diversity of pretty plants and prospects. They deserve a lighting system that highlights their beauties and makes it safer and more romantic to enjoy them in the dark.

Walkways, deck and pool areas, fountains, and other features can be enhanced with outdoor lighting in ways limited only by your imagination. Set a magical, modern, or storybook mood, and let us take care of the details for you. We’ll design and install fixtures customized just for your Jacksonville home..

Jacksonville Outdoor Architectural Lighting Pros

Houses and buildings in Jacksonville can be remarkable to look at in many ways, but their best architectural features are hidden at night. We can change that.

Our Jacksonville outdoor lighting company knows how to create efficient lighting systems that increase the level of drama, shine a spotlight on favorite areas, and create the overall effect you’re searching for, whether in a residence or business.

Cost Effective Exterior LED Lighting for Jacksonville FL

At Southern Nights Illuminations, we’re proficient with LED technology. We’re fans because we know how green and weather-resistant LEDs are – all important considerations for those of us who care about keeping Jacksonville, Florida a wonderful place to live and work. We also understand the design advantages that LEDs offer and can help you create the right look for your home.