Outdoor Tennis Court Lighting Design

Outdoor Tennis Court Lighting Design

Tennis Court Lighting Design Professionals

The lighting of outdoor tennis courts at country clubs, recreational centers, and sports facilities is a technical process that the skilled tennis court lighting design experts at Southern Nights Illuminations can offer you. Our outdoor sports lighting solutions can accommodate any tennis court design and make for better nighttime play.

We understand the intricacies of direct and indirect lighting for tennis courts, and how lighting effects your serve, and we can provide both traditional and innovative options to create a natural yet effective quality of light. Our precision lighting designs maximize environmental performance and fan experience, and we work to ensure your state-of-the-art system will meet your needs in the years ahead.

Outdoor Tennis Court Lighting Design Gallery

Below you can view photos of some of the tennis court lighting design projects that were designed and installed by Southern Nights Illuminations:

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Does your school, country club, or park district need an professionally-planned outdoor tennis court lighting design? Contact Southern Nights Illuminations today for a consultation Feel free to reach out to us by filling out the contact form at the right, or simply call us at our toll free number (855) 275-8270. We look forward to helping your tennis players continue playing even after the sun goes down!