Outdoor Basketball Court Lighting Design

Outdoor Basketball Court Lighting Design

Expert Basketball Court Lighting Design Services

Make sure you’re ready for a nighttime tip-off with a basketball court lighting design system from Southern Nights Illuminations. Outdoor Basketball games feature high-speed action all over the court, which means your court will need an even, uniform glow.

We specialize in creating customized basketball court lighting that can add dimension and depth to your evening pick-up games as well as more formal tournament play. We can also make sure you conform to league rules, create attractively-lit areas for casual play, and alleviate security concerns at outdoor facilities. Our skillful sports lighting design and engineering results in a usable, exciting sporting venue that’s perfect for kids, elites, and everyone in between.

Basketball Court Lighting Design Gallery

Below you can view photos of some of the outdoor basketball court lighting design projects that were designed and installed by Southern Nights Illuminations:

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Interested in having Southern Nights Illuminations provide design and installation services for your outdoor basketball court? Feel free to reach out to us by filling out the contact form at the right, or simply call us at our toll free number (855) 275-8270. We look forward to helping your team continue playing well into the night!