Outdoor Pool Lighting Design

Outdoor Pool Lighting Design Ideas

Outdoor Pool Lighting Design Services

Lighting your outdoor pool area is a matter of safety, but also imparts a sense of luxury and helps you express your personal style. At Southern Nights Illuminations, our team of expert landscape lighting designers can help you design a perfectly soothing environment for your swimming and entertaining pleasure.

Pool Landscape Lighting Design Ideas

Whether you’re looking for starry night effects, a luminous all-around glow, a sculptural shine, or colors that change and rotate, we’ve got the technical and artistic expertise to help you achieve the desired look for your outdoor pool lighting project. Channel the tropics, bring out the glimmering beauty of the water, and create your personal backyard oasis with a lighting system customized for you.

Outdoor Pool Lighting Design Gallery

Below you can view photos of some of the outdoor pool lighting design projects that were designed and installed by Southern Nights Illuminations:

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Interested in having Southern Nights Illuminations provide design and installation services for your outdoor pool landscape system? Feel free to reach out to us by filling out the contact form at the right, or simply call us at our toll free number (855) 275-8270. We look forward to helping you achieve the look you want!