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Pathway Lighting Design & Driveway Lighting Design Ideas

Pathway Lighting Design & Driveway Lighting Design Services

The main purpose of pathway lighting design is to create a sense of safety. But there are so many beautiful, elegant ways to do it! From cheerful uplighting to welcoming lanterns and strings of small twinkling bulbs, our landscape area lighting team can provide a pathway or driveway lighting design scheme that lights your way with charm and originality.

Pathway & Driveway Lighting Design Ideas

At Southern Nights Illuminations, we help you outfit your access points, entrances, drives, and more in decorative luminaires with a common-sense approach. When we put together driveway lighting design ideas, we take shadows, security camera imaging, light escape, auto trajectories, and visual acuity into account. Our meticulous care ensures that your sanctuary is a secure and pleasant place to be.

Driveway & Pathway Lighting Design Gallery

Below you can view photos of some of the driveway and pathway lighting design projects that were designed and installed by the outdoor lighting specialists at Southern Nights Illuminations:

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