LED Exterior & Interior Lighting

LED Outdoor Lighting

What are LED Lights?

LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, offer a superb alternative to traditional tungsten-based lighting. They’ve become popular recently because they are more energy-efficient, longer-lasting, and better for the environment than incandescent lamps. LED Indoor & Outdoor Lighting is also inherently more flexible in terms of design. They provide dynamic control of light dispersion and color; a well-engineered system by Southern Nights Illuminations can provide a myriad of beautiful lighting effects.

LEDs are essentially semiconductors, through which electrical current can only travel in one direction. When alternate current is applied, energy is released as light. The color of the light can be changed through chemical compounds present in the LEDs. LED bulbs are being used in a variety of applications, including dashboard illumination in motor vehicles and in concert with LCD panels in cellphones, tablets, and TVs. They can be used to replace halogen, HID, HPS, mercury vapor, and fluorescent light sources as well.

LED Mercury Vapor Fluore-scent Halogen Incandescent
Lifetime (in Hours)
60,000 24,000 10,000 4000 4000
Efficiency (Lumens/Watt)
100 lm/W 48 lm/W 67 lm/W 24lm/W 15.2lm/W

Energy Efficiency of LED

Compared to traditional Tungsten Lighting, LED is extremely energy efficient. A 15 watt LED PAR 30 can produce 750 lumens, 50 lumens per watt.  Compare that to a traditional 60 watt Incandescent bulb which produces 850 lumens or 14 Lm/W

Low Voltage LED Lighting Uses

Low Voltage LED Lighting can be used anywhere – in your home or outdoors, in a company parking lot, or on an athletic field. While they’re more expensive up front, they ultimately save significant amounts of money because of their low voltage and long life. They have other advantages as well. The crisp quality of light offers better visibility, and they operate immediately even in cold temperatures.

Single Low Voltage LED Lights going out do not affect others on a chain of lights (think Christmas lights). They are often shock and vibration-resistant, they contain no hazardous chemicals, and they create less light pollution. They’re also durable and can be easily focused without help from an external reflector.

Lifespan of LED Indoor or Outside Lighting

LED outside lighting typically has a lifespan of 100,000 hours or over 11 years of 24/7 use.  In a dusk to dawn scenario(3650 hrs/year) they can last over 27 years. Compare that to a 100 watt incandescent light bulb with a 1000 hour lifespan, or the 32,000 hour lifespan (8.7 years dawn to dusk) for a High Pressure Sodium lamp (HPS).

Choosing Between LED and HPS

LED HPS Power Company
Comparative Wattage
100 250 $70/Month
Rated Life (Hours)
100,000 32,000
Energy Cost/Year
$994 $2,486 $21,000
Cost / 100,000 Hours
$27,833 $72,864 $575,342
Savings by Using LED for 100K Hours
$45,031 $547,509

Cost of LED Indoor or Outdoor Lighting

While the initial cost of LED Indoor & Outdoor lighting can be higher than more traditional forms, the energy savings and added life mean significant savings over the life of the product.

Whether using LED lights for your home or your company parking lot, you can be sure, using LED exterior lights saves you money each month…and saves our environment everyday.

Other Benefits of LED Lights

  • Instant illumination and restrike
  • Better visibility with crisp, white light
  • Minimum T4 temperature rating – safely operate in the most hazardous environments and any non-hazardous location
  • Cold temperature operation / no warm-up required
  • “No lights out” feature – if a single LED fails, others will remain lit from other drivers – minimum 50% output maintained
  • Energy-efficient technology – use up to ½ the power of standard HID luminaires
  • Provides up to 100,000 hours rated life – eliminates need for frequent lamp replacement
  • Contains no mercury or other hazardous substances
  • Shock- and vibration-resistant solid-state luminaires have no filaments or glass components that could break – greatly reduces the risk of premature failure
  • Operating ambient -40ºC to 55ºC
  • Dark sky friendly

Southern Nights for your LED Lighting Project

At Southern Lights Illuminations, we offer two types of LED Lighting:

Commercial LED Lighting

LEDs are excellent for commercial applications from bridges to streetlights because they can save companies money even as the provide security and ambiance.

Residential LED Lighting

In and around your home, LEDs can be creatively used to provide mood, ensure your family’s safety, and highlight architectural and garden details. 

If you’re interested in exploring the possibilities of LED lighting, contact Southern Nights Illuminations today. We can design the perfect outdoor LED system to meet all your needs.