3 Reasons to Switch to LED Security Lighting

LEDs are the outdoor lighting solution on everyone’s mind. With the drop in price on LED lighting, more and more consumers are making the switch to energy-efficient outdoor lighting. If you’re not convinced about installing an LED security lighting system, here are the top 3 ways LEDs have revolutionized security illumination.

Why Switch to LED Security Lighting?

  1. LED Security LightingLEDs are efficient. The biggest (and most well known) selling point for LED lighting is its energy efficiency. LED lights initially cost more than other security lighting options, but they quickly make up the difference in long life and reduced energy expenditure. Over the course of 100,000 hours (about 11 years), LED lights can save homeowners roughly $45,000 in energy bills.
  2. LED lighting is effective. Most security lights – particularly the ever-popular mercury vapor flood lights – don’t direct light, but shine harsh illumination down, out, and around the area. Rather than aiding security, this method of lighting creates light pollution, glare, and deep shadows that make it easier for intruders to conceal themselves. LED security lighting directs light to targeted areas, allowing outdoor lighting designers to illuminate an entire property without polluting the night with excess light.
  3. Blue LEDs just won the nobel prize. If you need a reason to switch to LED security lighting, look no further than the 2014 nobel prize. Earlier this month Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano, and Shuji Nakamura won the nobel prize for the invention of the blue light-emitting diode, a discovery that “triggered a fundamental transformation of lighting technology.”

Get energy-efficient LED security lighting that will protect your home or business without causing light pollution or harsh glares. Call Southern Nights Illuminations today and schedule your free security lighting consultation.

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Light Up Halloween Night

lit jack o lanternsOutdoor lighting has a powerful effect on the ambiance of a night scene. An Atlanta apartment complex lit with bright, even security lighting can feel as safe and homey as a cottage in an upscale neighborhood.

Likewise, an unfamiliar, unlit home in a wooded area can feel like something out of a horror movie. For most of the year, outdoor lighting is a background concern, something that affects mood and safety without conscious thought.

But as we approach the holiday season, outdoor lighting shines brightly in the minds of Christmas lovers and Halloween enthusiasts. Make your lighting work for you this holiday season with our 3 best tips for Halloween lighting.

  1. Utilize your outdoor lighting system. If you already have a landscape lighting system in place, haunting the house for Halloween is easy. Play with light and shadow by introducing new elements to the night scene. Drape sheets in the direct path of your LED lights, replace the bulbs with mood-casting orange lighting, or create shapes in the dark by placing heat-resistant stencils over each fixture.
  2. Stick with the classics. Jack O’ Lanterns are tried and true Halloween decorations, and for good reason. Not only do they illuminate the porch with spooky lighting, they’re fun to make with family and friends.
  3. Think safety. If you live in a neighborhood you’re probably prepared for yearly trick or treaters. Keep kids safe (and sprain-free) this Halloween by installing safety lighting along the driveway and sidewalk. If your home is closed to trick or treaters, turn off all lights in the house and post a sign by the street telling kids not to try navigating the yard in the dark.

Do you want a professional holiday lighting display for an Atlanta home or business? Call Southern Nights Illuminations to plan your custom Christmas lighting today.

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LED Lighting – Back to Basics

Whether you’re a fan of low-energy lighting or you prefer more familiar incandescent bulbs, you’re probably familiar with the benefits of LED lighting. LEDs, once expensive home illumination for the rich and the hyper eco-conscious, have dropped in price and expanded in reach. Today homeowners, businesses, and even cities choose LEDs for security lighting and architectural illumination. But what is an LED, exactly, and why is it so beneficial for outdoor lighting?

Light Emitting Diode

An LED is a light-emitting diode, a solid semiconductor that emits light when a current passes through it. Engineers specifically design LED bulbs based on their intended purpose: indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, holiday lighting, or security lighting. Each LED fixture is specifically chosen to give a business or residence the best security, nighttime illumination, and aesthetically-pleasing light possible.

Benefits of LEDs

LED light close upEven homeowners who use incandescent lighting likely know the key benefits of LED lighting. LEDs are low-energy lighting, saving homeowners up to $1500 per year in energy bills. LED lighting lasts almost three times longer than mercury vapor lighting (and 15 times longer than incandescent bulbs). But installing LED lighting in your home or business has other, less obvious benefits:

  • LEDs mimic daylight, eliminating harsh shadows and increasing the efficiency of home security lighting
  • LED lighting has instant illumination and restrike
  • LEDs work in cold temperatures without requiring warmup
  • LED lights won’t go “lights out” if a single LED fails
  • LEDs contain no mercury or other toxic chemicals
  • LEDs are dark sky friendly – they let off less light pollution than incandescent, mercury vapor, fluorescent, or halogen bulbs

Are you ready to transform your home with low-energy illumination? Call Southern Nights Illuminations for a free consultation on installing home security lighting.

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Security Lighting for Businesses

October has finally arrived, and with it, a renewed concern about safety after dark. The days are getting cooler, the nights are getting longer, and intruders are getting bolder every day. As homeowners worry about keeping their kids safe this Halloween, business owners worry about protecting their employees, customers, and business assets during one of the most crime-heavy times of the year. In fact, increased security is such a priority in October that the National Crime Prevention Council has named it Crime Prevention Month.

Outdoor Lighting for Business Security

Alarm systems alert business owners about breaches in their premises, but outdoor security lighting is the best way to prevent crime before it happens. Security lighting deters criminals by alerting bystanders to intruders. It also improves safety and may decrease the cost of insuring your building.

Where Function Meets Aesthetics

floodlights with harsh shadowsHarsh, bright security lighting isn’t just unattractive to customers; it actually increases the likelihood of criminals targeting your business. Floodlights create deep shadows and harsh glares, giving criminals places to hide. By hiring professional contractors to install security lighting for your business, you can guarantee both style and security in your outdoor lighting.

LED fixtures installed by Southern Nights Illuminations mimic daylight, creating a soft, welcoming atmosphere and eliminating the shadows that could obscure intruders. For added security to high-risk areas, install task lighting around ATMs, doorways, and in parking lots.

The best outdoor lighting is appealing and functional. Call Southern Nights Illuminations to install bright, beautiful security lighting for your Atlanta business.

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Planning a Holiday Masterpiece

globe christmas lightsIt’s hard to believe that fall is already here. It seems like just yesterday we were diving into summer, and now the season for cool nights and pumpkin spice lattes has arrived.

Believe it or not, winter will arrive just as swiftly, leaving families scrambling to find a Christmas tree, hang holiday decorations, and buy presents for the people they love. Cross one item off your holiday to-do list by designing your Christmas lighting blueprint before winter arrives.

3 Decisions to Make about Christmas Lights Right Now

  1. DIY or Professional. Christmas lights are one project many homeowners, HOA reps, and business managers try to tackle for themselves. But just because you can hang your own holiday lights doesn’t mean it’s the most efficient option. DIY Christmas lighting seems like a straightforward process, but it often ends up wasting time and energy better spent on other holiday tasks. When you book a custom Christmas light design from Southern Nights Illuminations, you’re guaranteeing a timely installation of Christmas lights, safety and convenience, and a unique holiday display tailored to your personal tastes.

  2. Energy-Efficiency. Due to the growing popularity of energy-efficient lighting and the steadily decreasing cost of production, LED Christmas lights are cheaper than ever. Many hardware stores are so sold on these holiday light displays that, in past years, they’ve offered a free upgrade to anyone willing to trade in their old Christmas lights. Southern Nights Illuminations prefers to LED lighting for outdoor projects because its eco-friendly, cost-efficient, and lasts roughly 15 times longer than incandescent bulbs.

  3. Design. Not all Christmas lights are created equal. As you contemplate which holiday lights would best suit your home, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Get started with:

  • Traditional Christmas lights on the eves of the house
  • String lights wrapped around trees and shrubs
  • White lights, twinkle lights, or colored lights
  • Christmas lights lining fences, accentuating garlands, and emphasizing wreaths
  • Rooftop holiday lighting
  • Globe lights hung from branches and beams
  • Timed Christmas lighting displays
  • An outdoor Christmas tree bedecked in bright lights

Do you want safe, elegant Christmas lighting for your home or business without the hassle of untangling lights, balancing on ladders, and hunting for that one loose bulb? Call Southern Nights Illuminations to design a festive, professional Christmas light display for the upcoming holiday season.

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Illuminating the Meaning of Light

Light is a powerful motivator. It can inspire us to seek beauty, encourage us to persevere, and illuminate the warmth in our lives. “Lighting the darkness” can mean anything from simply flipping a switch to reminding ourselves of the warmth and love in our lives.

At Southern Nights Illuminations, we’re experts at the artistry of creating bright, functional nightscapes. But sometimes its worthwhile to step back and remember just what light means. Take a look at our favorite inspiring quotes about lighting.

Our Favorite Quotes About Light

  • light and landscapes - sun breaking through clouds“Let there be light.” It’s telling that the world begins with a light breaking through the void. Genesis 1:3-4 illuminates the creation of light, even before the universe was formed. It’s no wonder that we have such an intrinsic desire to light up the world around us.
  • “It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.” – Eleanor Roosevelt
  • “Happiness can be found even in the darkest times if one only remembers to turn on the light.” J.K. Rowling uses the metaphor of light to give hope to those struggling through dark times.
  • “A blessing is a circle of light drawn around a person to protect, heal, and strengthen.” John O’Donohue articulates the power of light, both physically and metaphorically, in our lives. A circle of illumination creates warmth, welcome, and safety for those who rest in it.
  • “I really just want to be that warm, yellow light that pours over everyone I love.” – Conor Oberst

Outdoor lighting provides more than just inspiration. It’s a refuge from nighttime hazards, a bright stage to entertain, and a warm space to bask in the love of family and friends. Light up your world with custom-designed outdoor lighting from Southern Nights Illuminations.

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Lights . . . Camera . . . Real Estate!

outdoor lighting and home salesLED lighting creates drama and atmosphere, illuminating the best features of your landscape and architecture in a way nothing else can. It enhances home security during the dim hours of dusk and dawn, and provides vibrant illumination after dark. It can also help homeowners fetch a pretty price.

Installing outdoor lighting is a critical element of home staging, but all too often it’s the one deemed “not worth it.” In fact, outdoor illumination can increase property value by up to 10% by improving curb appeal and increasing home security. To make the most of your home sale, utilize your outdoor lighting.

  • Leave the lights on in low light situations, including dusk, dawn, and dreary weather.
  • Advertising your home sale with a bright daytime picture and a carefully chosen nightscape.
  • If you have scant outdoor lighting, install additional lights on the pathway, porch, and in outdoor entertaining areas.
  • Remember most buyers look for new homes during dwindling light after work. If you won’t be home when dusk falls, set your outdoor lighting on a timer.

Just like you, buyers want to know that their kids will be safe waiting for the school bus, that their spouses will arrive home safely after dark, and that friends and relatives will feel comfortable visiting their home. Good outdoor illumination gives potential buyers a sense of security, no matter where your home is located. It enhances the beauty of the house and landscape, and creates a welcoming atmosphere that influences buyers’ decisions. If you’re ready to sell your home, call Southern Nights Illuminations to book a free outdoor lighting consultation.

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Light Up the Holiday Weekend

Holiday lighting isn’t all colorful Christmas lights and well-timed light shows. Outdoor lighting can illuminate the pitfalls of Southern yards, add to the ambience of an evening get-together, show off the beauty of your home, and create a welcoming atmosphere for party guests. Don’t let the Labor Day fun stop after dark. Get your party hats ready: it’s time to light up the night sky.

Easy Entertaining

When we design an outdoor lighting project, we consider so much more than simple illumination. We carefully measure hardscapes, predict the growth of vegetation, and consider the styles and colors in each yard. We choose the color temperature, angle of illumination, fixture type, and bulb that will most artfully display each home’s unique features. That means a warm, welcoming atmosphere and a subtle, elegant aesthetic, whether you’re entertaining that night or not! Welcome guests to your home with bright landscape lighting.

Safe Swimming

outdoor living - landscape lightingIt’s still warm after dark, so why should the party stop? Usually it’s because homeowners don’t want to risk their friends, guests, and kids injuring themselves in the dark. With bright outdoor illumination homeowners can keep the party after dark. Landscape lighting can illuminate pools for night swimming and brighten pathways that could become tripping hazards. With daylight mimicking outdoor lighting, the party only stops when the fun winds down.

Stress-Free Vacationing

If you live near Atlanta, you may worry about leaving your home for the long weekend. Good outdoor lighting improves home security, eliminating shadows where criminals could hide. Put your landscape lighting on a timer to give the appearance that you’re still in town, or ask a trusted neighbor to switch on the porch light each night. You’ll return from a fun holiday weekend without worrying what you might find at home.

Planning a neighborhood party, a family get-together, or a holiday road trip? Make sure your party shines this Labor Day with quality landscape lighting from Southern Nights Illuminations.

Why Install Outdoor Lighting?

Outdoor lighting can change the entire aesthetic of a home, revealing its beauty and obscuring its flaws. Once an afterthought or an unnecessary expense, more and more homeowners, architects, and designers are touting the benefits of installing outdoor lighting. So why is outdoor lighting so effective?

It Creates an Aesthetic

artistic landscape lightingArchitecture and landscape lighting have the unique ability to obscure, update, or illuminate home exteriors. An experienced outdoor lighting designer will consider the homeowner’s desired aesthetics, the design and projected growth of the landscape, and the color and quality of light when drawing up lighting blueprints. Most outdoor lighting is artfully hidden, revealing the subtle grace of the landscape and the focal points of the home without showcasing the light bulb or fixture. Other lighting can be incorporated into the home design, utilizing decorative fixtures to add both light and style to an outdoor living space.

It Builds Community

Outdoor lighting creates ambiance, making outdoor entertaining areas feel safe, warm, and welcoming. Having a well-lit outdoor area opens up the hours after dark so homeowners can spend time with their families, entertain friends and neighbors, and enjoy the amenities of their homes. The mood created with outdoor lighting can vary depending on the size, position, and color of each light fixture and LED bulb.

It Provides Safety

LED outdoor lighting doesn’t just create a sense of security, it tangibly reduces criminal activity around homes. Professionally installed outdoor lighting mimics daylight, creating clean, expansive light without the harsh shadows of self-installed lighting or security floodlights. Well lit landscapes increase both the practical safety and the security of homeowners and their loved ones.

Call Southern Nights Illuminations to schedule a free outdoor lighting consultation.

Transitioning to Low Energy Lighting

At Southern Nights Illuminations, we see a lot of wasted potential with outdoor lighting. We watch poorly chosen, placed, and wired light fixtures falter and fail. We see landscape lighting designed for simplicity instead of elegance and light purity. We see overheated, energy wasting high-intensity discharge lamps (HIDs) instead of energy-efficient LED bulbs. But as much as we hate to see dim, energy-eating outdoor lighting, we have good news: Southern Nights Illuminations can fix it.

Retrofitting HID Systems

If you have HID outdoor lighting installed, there’s no need to waste the entire system. We train our electrical technicians to quickly and safely adapt HID lighting for LED use. HID bulbs produce too much heat and not enough light. Many of the outdoor HID lighting designs we see create bright patches and deep shadows, reducing security for homes and businesses. They are also more prone to malfunction than LED lighting, increasing maintenance costs. Southern Nights Illuminations will study your HID system and retrofit it for LED lighting, removing the need to install a new lighting system. Our experienced outdoor lighting contractors supplement poorly designed lighting with new fixtures, better lighting techniques, and crisp, white LED light bulbs. By retrofitting your existing lighting system, we can lower your costs and reduce the time of installation, giving you quality outdoor illumination without the frustrations of replacing a bad lighting system.

Choose Smart Lighting

durable outdoor light bulbsWhether you’re lighting up your home, your office building, or a company warehouse sprawled over acres of land, there’s no reason to be shortsighted. HID lights may save a fraction short term, but in the long run, LED lighting reduces energy consumption, lasts years longer than HID or halogen bulbs, and all but negates the need for maintenance. LED lighting:

  • Puts off less heat
  • Withstands weathering by the elements
  • Uses less electricity
  • Lasts years longer than HID or halogen bulbs
  • Operates independently – there’s no “lights out” when one section of the system fails

Want to know more about upgrading an HID lighting system to LED? Call Southern Nights Illuminations for a free outdoor lighting consultation.

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