Security Lighting for Businesses

October has finally arrived, and with it, a renewed concern about safety after dark. The days are getting cooler, the nights are getting longer, and intruders are getting bolder every day. As homeowners worry about keeping their kids safe this Halloween, business owners worry about protecting their employees, customers, and business assets during one of the most crime-heavy times of the year. In fact, increased security is such a priority in October that the National Crime Prevention Council has named it Crime Prevention Month.

Outdoor Lighting for Business Security

Alarm systems alert business owners about breaches in their premises, but outdoor security lighting is the best way to prevent crime before it happens. Security lighting deters criminals by alerting bystanders to intruders. It also improves safety and may decrease the cost of insuring your building.

Where Function Meets Aesthetics

floodlights with harsh shadowsHarsh, bright security lighting isn’t just unattractive to customers; it actually increases the likelihood of criminals targeting your business. Floodlights create deep shadows and harsh glares, giving criminals places to hide. By hiring professional contractors to install security lighting for your business, you can guarantee both style and security in your outdoor lighting.

LED fixtures installed by Southern Nights Illuminations mimic daylight, creating a soft, welcoming atmosphere and eliminating the shadows that could obscure intruders. For added security to high-risk areas, install task lighting around ATMs, doorways, and in parking lots.

The best outdoor lighting is appealing and functional. Call Southern Nights Illuminations to install bright, beautiful security lighting for your Atlanta business.

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