Light Up Halloween Night

lit jack o lanternsOutdoor lighting has a powerful effect on the ambiance of a night scene. An Atlanta apartment complex lit with bright, even security lighting can feel as safe and homey as a cottage in an upscale neighborhood.

Likewise, an unfamiliar, unlit home in a wooded area can feel like something out of a horror movie. For most of the year, outdoor lighting is a background concern, something that affects mood and safety without conscious thought.

But as we approach the holiday season, outdoor lighting shines brightly in the minds of Christmas lovers and Halloween enthusiasts. Make your lighting work for you this holiday season with our 3 best tips for Halloween lighting.

  1. Utilize your outdoor lighting system. If you already have a landscape lighting system in place, haunting the house for Halloween is easy. Play with light and shadow by introducing new elements to the night scene. Drape sheets in the direct path of your LED lights, replace the bulbs with mood-casting orange lighting, or create shapes in the dark by placing heat-resistant stencils over each fixture.
  2. Stick with the classics. Jack O’ Lanterns are tried and true Halloween decorations, and for good reason. Not only do they illuminate the porch with spooky lighting, they’re fun to make with family and friends.
  3. Think safety. If you live in a neighborhood you’re probably prepared for yearly trick or treaters. Keep kids safe (and sprain-free) this Halloween by installing safety lighting along the driveway and sidewalk. If your home is closed to trick or treaters, turn off all lights in the house and post a sign by the street telling kids not to try navigating the yard in the dark.

Do you want a professional holiday lighting display for an Atlanta home or business? Call Southern Nights Illuminations to plan your custom Christmas lighting today.

photo from flickr

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