3 Reasons to Switch to LED Security Lighting

LEDs are the outdoor lighting solution on everyone’s mind. With the drop in price on LED lighting, more and more consumers are making the switch to energy-efficient outdoor lighting. If you’re not convinced about installing an LED security lighting system, here are the top 3 ways LEDs have revolutionized security illumination.

Why Switch to LED Security Lighting?

  1. LED Security LightingLEDs are efficient. The biggest (and most well known) selling point for LED lighting is its energy efficiency. LED lights initially cost more than other security lighting options, but they quickly make up the difference in long life and reduced energy expenditure. Over the course of 100,000 hours (about 11 years), LED lights can save homeowners roughly $45,000 in energy bills.
  2. LED lighting is effective. Most security lights – particularly the ever-popular mercury vapor flood lights – don’t direct light, but shine harsh illumination down, out, and around the area. Rather than aiding security, this method of lighting creates light pollution, glare, and deep shadows that make it easier for intruders to conceal themselves. LED security lighting directs light to targeted areas, allowing outdoor lighting designers to illuminate an entire property without polluting the night with excess light.
  3. Blue LEDs just won the nobel prize. If you need a reason to switch to LED security lighting, look no further than the 2014 nobel prize. Earlier this month Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano, and Shuji Nakamura won the nobel prize for the invention of the blue light-emitting diode, a discovery that “triggered a fundamental transformation of lighting technology.”

Get energy-efficient LED security lighting that will protect your home or business without causing light pollution or harsh glares. Call Southern Nights Illuminations today and schedule your free security lighting consultation.

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