Lights . . . Camera . . . Real Estate!

outdoor lighting and home salesLED lighting creates drama and atmosphere, illuminating the best features of your landscape and architecture in a way nothing else can. It enhances home security during the dim hours of dusk and dawn, and provides vibrant illumination after dark. It can also help homeowners fetch a pretty price.

Installing outdoor lighting is a critical element of home staging, but all too often it’s the one deemed “not worth it.” In fact, outdoor illumination can increase property value by up to 10% by improving curb appeal and increasing home security. To make the most of your home sale, utilize your outdoor lighting.

  • Leave the lights on in low light situations, including dusk, dawn, and dreary weather.
  • Advertising your home sale with a bright daytime picture and a carefully chosen nightscape.
  • If you have scant outdoor lighting, install additional lights on the pathway, porch, and in outdoor entertaining areas.
  • Remember most buyers look for new homes during dwindling light after work. If you won’t be home when dusk falls, set your outdoor lighting on a timer.

Just like you, buyers want to know that their kids will be safe waiting for the school bus, that their spouses will arrive home safely after dark, and that friends and relatives will feel comfortable visiting their home. Good outdoor illumination gives potential buyers a sense of security, no matter where your home is located. It enhances the beauty of the house and landscape, and creates a welcoming atmosphere that influences buyers’ decisions. If you’re ready to sell your home, call Southern Nights Illuminations to book a free outdoor lighting consultation.

photo from AAG

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