Why Install Outdoor Lighting?

Outdoor lighting can change the entire aesthetic of a home, revealing its beauty and obscuring its flaws. Once an afterthought or an unnecessary expense, more and more homeowners, architects, and designers are touting the benefits of installing outdoor lighting. So why is outdoor lighting so effective?

It Creates an Aesthetic

artistic landscape lightingArchitecture and landscape lighting have the unique ability to obscure, update, or illuminate home exteriors. An experienced outdoor lighting designer will consider the homeowner’s desired aesthetics, the design and projected growth of the landscape, and the color and quality of light when drawing up lighting blueprints. Most outdoor lighting is artfully hidden, revealing the subtle grace of the landscape and the focal points of the home without showcasing the light bulb or fixture. Other lighting can be incorporated into the home design, utilizing decorative fixtures to add both light and style to an outdoor living space.

It Builds Community

Outdoor lighting creates ambiance, making outdoor entertaining areas feel safe, warm, and welcoming. Having a well-lit outdoor area opens up the hours after dark so homeowners can spend time with their families, entertain friends and neighbors, and enjoy the amenities of their homes. The mood created with outdoor lighting can vary depending on the size, position, and color of each light fixture and LED bulb.

It Provides Safety

LED outdoor lighting doesn’t just create a sense of security, it tangibly reduces criminal activity around homes. Professionally installed outdoor lighting mimics daylight, creating clean, expansive light without the harsh shadows of self-installed lighting or security floodlights. Well lit landscapes increase both the practical safety and the security of homeowners and their loved ones.

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