Transitioning to Low Energy Lighting

At Southern Nights Illuminations, we see a lot of wasted potential with outdoor lighting. We watch poorly chosen, placed, and wired light fixtures falter and fail. We see landscape lighting designed for simplicity instead of elegance and light purity. We see overheated, energy wasting high-intensity discharge lamps (HIDs) instead of energy-efficient LED bulbs. But as much as we hate to see dim, energy-eating outdoor lighting, we have good news: Southern Nights Illuminations can fix it.

Retrofitting HID Systems

If you have HID outdoor lighting installed, there’s no need to waste the entire system. We train our electrical technicians to quickly and safely adapt HID lighting for LED use. HID bulbs produce too much heat and not enough light. Many of the outdoor HID lighting designs we see create bright patches and deep shadows, reducing security for homes and businesses. They are also more prone to malfunction than LED lighting, increasing maintenance costs. Southern Nights Illuminations will study your HID system and retrofit it for LED lighting, removing the need to install a new lighting system. Our experienced outdoor lighting contractors supplement poorly designed lighting with new fixtures, better lighting techniques, and crisp, white LED light bulbs. By retrofitting your existing lighting system, we can lower your costs and reduce the time of installation, giving you quality outdoor illumination without the frustrations of replacing a bad lighting system.

Choose Smart Lighting

durable outdoor light bulbsWhether you’re lighting up your home, your office building, or a company warehouse sprawled over acres of land, there’s no reason to be shortsighted. HID lights may save a fraction short term, but in the long run, LED lighting reduces energy consumption, lasts years longer than HID or halogen bulbs, and all but negates the need for maintenance. LED lighting:

  • Puts off less heat
  • Withstands weathering by the elements
  • Uses less electricity
  • Lasts years longer than HID or halogen bulbs
  • Operates independently – there’s no “lights out” when one section of the system fails

Want to know more about upgrading an HID lighting system to LED? Call Southern Nights Illuminations for a free outdoor lighting consultation.

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