Light Up the Holiday Weekend

Holiday lighting isn’t all colorful Christmas lights and well-timed light shows. Outdoor lighting can illuminate the pitfalls of Southern yards, add to the ambience of an evening get-together, show off the beauty of your home, and create a welcoming atmosphere for party guests. Don’t let the Labor Day fun stop after dark. Get your party hats ready: it’s time to light up the night sky.

Easy Entertaining

When we design an outdoor lighting project, we consider so much more than simple illumination. We carefully measure hardscapes, predict the growth of vegetation, and consider the styles and colors in each yard. We choose the color temperature, angle of illumination, fixture type, and bulb that will most artfully display each home’s unique features. That means a warm, welcoming atmosphere and a subtle, elegant aesthetic, whether you’re entertaining that night or not! Welcome guests to your home with bright landscape lighting.

Safe Swimming

outdoor living - landscape lightingIt’s still warm after dark, so why should the party stop? Usually it’s because homeowners don’t want to risk their friends, guests, and kids injuring themselves in the dark. With bright outdoor illumination homeowners can keep the party after dark. Landscape lighting can illuminate pools for night swimming and brighten pathways that could become tripping hazards. With daylight mimicking outdoor lighting, the party only stops when the fun winds down.

Stress-Free Vacationing

If you live near Atlanta, you may worry about leaving your home for the long weekend. Good outdoor lighting improves home security, eliminating shadows where criminals could hide. Put your landscape lighting on a timer to give the appearance that you’re still in town, or ask a trusted neighbor to switch on the porch light each night. You’ll return from a fun holiday weekend without worrying what you might find at home.

Planning a neighborhood party, a family get-together, or a holiday road trip? Make sure your party shines this Labor Day with quality landscape lighting from Southern Nights Illuminations.

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