How Lighting Becomes a Masterpiece

Anyone who took college art classes  knows that finding individual colors in everyday objects is one of the most challenging aspects of creating an alluring visual. A plain white wall may have warm undertones or cool undertones; stone contains grays and browns, but also purples and greens; and offsetting bright colors with appropriate tones renders them more vividly than before. The same principles of artistry and color rendering apply to landscape and architectural lighting. Here at Southern Nights Illuminations, we don’t simply install convenient outdoor lighting fixtures; we create an illuminating home masterpiece.

Why Color Matters in Outdoor Lighting

light fixture - color temperatureWhen discussing outdoor lighting, experts have myriad ways to discuss the colors of light. LEDs create a crisp, white aesthetic, while the now-defunct halogen bulb was known for its yellow tones. Light bulbs may mimic natural moonlight, illuminate the scene for security purposes, or emphasize the unique aesthetics of a landscape through carefully placed fixtures. Good outdoor lighting will do all three. When drawing landscape lighting blueprints, our expert lighting designers have an eye for color. They know how to utilize the color rendering index to create natural outdoor lighting, they understand the importance of home safety through outdoor lighting, and they can create a unique, elegant aesthetic through color temperatures and placement of fixtures.

Creating a Lighting Masterpiece

Although the professionals at Southern Nights Illuminations studied lighting, our commitment to the customer demands that we also understand gardening, psychology, and artistry. Illuminating a landscape subtly and gracefully requires knowledge of plant growth patterns, a thorough understanding of how outdoor lighting can welcome friends and deter criminals, and a flair for choosing the right color temperatures to enhance the beauty of Atlanta homes. When you work with our lighting experts, we tailor our signature soft illumination, warm and cool toned light bulbs, and dramatic specialty lighting to your tastes, creating a safe, welcoming landscape your family will love.

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