Illuminating Lighting’s Effect on Property Value

balancing home investment - lightingProfessionally installed landscape and security lighting provides homeowners with enhanced beauty and safety as they enjoy the homes they worked so hard to earn. LED task lighting creates lasting home safety and security, protecting families from mishap, injury, and home intruders. Landscape and architectural lighting illuminate the home features you love, creating soft, dramatic mood lighting that emphasizes the aesthetics of your home design. But installing outdoor LED lighting has another often overlooked benefit: increased property value.

Creating Curb Appeal

Studies show that curb appeal can increase your home value by 15% to 20%. Whether you’re putting your home on the market or not, installing LED outdoor lighting is an excellent way to increase your property value and the property value of your neighbors. Most people create curb appeal by tending their gardens, installing home pools, and refurbishing key architectural features on their homes. But installing professional landscape lighting is crucial to effectively displaying your home and garden improvements. Landscape lighting illuminates trees, flowers, walkways, and garden ornaments, creating a dramatic, elegant aesthetic that friends, neighbors, and passersby can enjoy as much as you do.

Lowering Property Risks

Creating a beautiful Southern aesthetic isn’t the only benefit of installing outdoor LED lighting. LED lights increase home security, giving your family—and your insurance agent—peace of mind. Leaving on a porch light won’t change your home insurance costs, but professional home security lighting can protect your home from burglars and even get you discounts on your monthly insurance payments. Outdoor security lighting also increases your property value, making it easier to sell your home when you put it on the market.

Whether you’re selling your home or simply hedging your investment, outdoor security lights will increase your property value with curb appeal and added home security. Call Southern Nights Illuminations for custom LED outdoor lighting.

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